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Personal Calendar TM

Personal Calendar (PC) is a Personal Information Manager (PIM) that contains a full-featured appointment reminder and a notepad. PC displays a three-month scrollable calendar, a running analog and digital clock, and a time-oriented event (to-do) list and a text note list. A historical tracking (a diary) is made of events and notes, which can all be printed. Warnings and alarms (ticklers) tell when something is pending or overdue.

Driven by a simple flexible menu interface, Personal Calendar can be run under all releases of Microsoft Windows, or also as a TSR (pop up) program under MS-DOS. TSR use interrupts you at the earliest event. As a TSR, an extremely small 6K byte kernel remains in conventional memory, with the balance swapped to expanded memory or disk. TSR programming is extremely stable and environment-sensitive.

Personal Calendar runs as a task under Microsoft Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003; in DOS Merge under UNIX, in a DESQview window, on a Mac under SoftPC, or in a DOS window under OS/2. Personal Calendar is year-2000 compliant, and is written by Paul M. Colman.

Personal Calendar download - 189,088 bytes

Personal Calendar is published as version 15.05 dated 4 February 2004 .

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DISKLEFT is a program to quickly display a profile of all logical drives of your hard disks, correct to the byte. For those in multasking environments (DESQview, Windows, etc), or on networks, the /MONITOR option is useful to watch disappearing disk space, as applications in other windows write to files.

DiskLeft download - 46,809 bytes

Diskleft v3.2, 12/22/97 - download (46,809 bytes)


The original classic Adventure game, also called Colossal Cave . Here is our implementation for the PC, for your enjoyment. In real life, the Colossal Cave in this game is actually based on Bedquilt Cave, within the Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky. To find out more about the history of Adventure, check out: The Colossal Cave Adventure Page by Rick Adams.

Adventure download - 56,964 bytes

Adventure 03/24/01 - download (56,877 bytes)

Adventure Source Code

And here is the ultimate cheater's delight for the classic Adventure game. Source code, data base, data base generator, perfect game guide, and map information generator. Everything you need to create the game (assuming you have your own FORTRAN compiler). Adventure was originally developed in the early 1970's by William Crowther and Don Woods for a DEC PDP-10 mainframe computer. This is the source code for my PC version.

Adventure Source Code download - 187,321 bytes

Adventure Source Code 03/24/01 - download (188,896 bytes)

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